Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And so it begins!


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I'm sorry that you have determined that Harris Miller is not worthy of active support. I determined that a few months back. I hope that you will consider supporting James Webb, as he is an excellent candidate and stands a good chance of unseating Bush clone George Allen.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"One of the most prominent industry lobbyists on the H-1B issue has been Harris Miller, president of the ITAA industry lobbying group. Miller first developed his contacts as a Capitol Hill staffer, then ran his own
lobbying firm, as well lobbying for the Fragomen immigration law firm, the largest in the nation.

As The New Republic, October 19, 1987, reported, Miller is unapologetic
about his role as a Beltway insider:

"I believe in interest groups and the right of interest groups to be represented, and if I can represent them on the Hill, well, I will do it," says Harris Miller, a former aide to Kentucky Democrat Romano Mazzoli's House Judiciary subcommittee on immigration who now has his own lobbying firm. Miller's first big client was the National Council of Agricultural Employers, a group of large growers who use migrant and illegal alien workers.

Virginia programmers and engineers will presumably not be campaigning for Miller, given his strong support of the H-1B visa program and offshoring.
Moreover, his personal manner has offended many. Lobbyists tend to be very aggressive, and Miller has consistently used tactics which most people would consider underhanded. For example:

* In 1997, the ITAA prepared a report which alleged a severe doubling of the H-1B program in 1998. Miller and Tony Vickers, also of the ITAA, distributed a preliminary draft of their report at a roundtable discussion organized by the Stanford Computer Industry Project on February 19, 1997. One of the major thrusts of the report was that the "shortage" was due to a lack of interest in university computer science majors. But a researcher from the Computing Research Association was at that meeting, and informed Miller and Vickers that there had been a 40% increase in CS majors that year, and that enrollment had been increasing since 1995. Though ITAA stated at the time that they were soliciting comments and suggestions for improving their report, they did not include this information about the sharp increase in computer science enrollment in the final version of the report, apparently because it undermined their argument. In fact, ITAA continued to claim enrollment was declining (e.g. see the San Francisco Chronicle, January 8, 1998), even after ITAA's suppression of the 1995 reversal trend was brought up in an interview with ITAA by the Electronic Engineering Times (September 29, 1997), until forced to stop when even the Department of Commerce found ITAA's claim to be untrue.

* In early 1998, Miller got the Dept. of Commerce to co-host a national conference at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley on the alleged "labor shortage." Under pressure from a congressional oversight committee, DOC then in turn pressured Miller to include in the conference speakers who were critical of his claim of a labor shortage. He complied, technically, but scheduled a competing event a couple of miles away on the UC Berkeley campus at the same time as the critics' speaking session. Since the competing event included participation by the Secretaries of Commerce and Labor, the Deputy Assistant to President Clinton for Technology and Economic Policy and other biggies, the press naturally attended the competing event, so most did not hear the presentations of the critics. (San Francisco Chronicle, January 22, 1998.)

This is reminiscent of the "dirty tricks squad" that Richard Nixon employed during the Watergate era."

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Blogger Miller For Governor said...

How dare you insult Harris Miller

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